January 13th, 2013


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Naturally Speaking was established in 1997 by Ms. Karla Beck as a business communications consulting practice. Naturally Speaking provides customized coaching for English Pronunciation, Medical Professionals and Presentation skills. We have extensive experience, including working with Fortune 50 as well as Fortune 500 companies.

People may want to improve their business communications skills for a variety of reasons. Good communication is essential in the work place. You should be clear and easy to understand. Or, you may need to organize a presentation. Regardless of your circumstances, Naturally Speaking can optimize the power of your communication skills.

Foreign-born professionals learn the nuances of English pronunciation, improving their communication skills. Speaking clearly and effectively is crucial if you or your organization’s personnel are to be perceived as competent and confident in their daily business dealings with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Naturally Speaking provides training which is specifically tailored to address your unique needs, and is performed on-site in a group setting or on a one-on-one basis. Click for more information about our English Pronunciation group training and individual coaching.

Increasingly, more foreign-born doctors and nurses are entering the medical field. Naturally Speaking has expertise working with this population, including English pronunciation, presentation coaching, how to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues as well as pronunciation of medical terminology. Click here for more information.

Dynamic presentations are vital for effective business communication, whether you are speaking formally or informally, to a group of people or to an individual. Because Naturally Speaking works with individuals and small groups, each participant has many opportunities to practice and enhance his or her delivery. Click here to view Naturally Speaking’s Presentation Coaching services.

Since mid-2002, Ms. Beck has frequently worked with several leading presentation companies. Because of this, a professional and highly effective approach is integrated into all of Naturally Speaking’s services.

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